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Welcome TO my

Welcome to my blog! I'm Carrie Arnold, a (mostly) wedding photographer based in Phoenix. Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and check out some of my latest work.







Welcome to my blog! I'm Carrie Arnold, a (mostly) wedding photographer based in Phoenix. Grab a glass of coffee or wine and check out some of my latest work.


Combining minimalistic photojournalism with contemporary portraiture,
I capture your most beloved moments without breaking the bank.

my philosophy:



Couples &


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This wonderful family has welcomed a new baby girl to their family and they are now officially the cutest family ever.

A ball pit + adorable pineapple smash cake + willing 1 year old = the perfect birthday party ever!  

Oh my goodness, you guys. I absolutely adore this couple. They are two of the kindest, sweetest, loving, and most genuine people I’ve come to know. And now, they’re having twins to share their wonderfulness with! These two babies are going to be the luckiest kids ever, having parents in Troy and Steph. To make […]

Listen. Having a baby is really, really hard. But getting a family ready for photos with a newborn is probably the hardest thing! Adding in a 2 year old makes getting that “perfect” photo pretty much impossible. But what is “perfect,” anyway? Everyone looking and smiling at the camera looking perfect? I don’t think so. […]

A family photo session when 6 adults, a 2 year old, 6 month old, and 2 month old cooperate?! I really should have bought a lottery ticket that day, because I’m never that lucky! This family is rarely all together in one place, so photos were definitely in order. They were a joy to be […]

Baby Jack is finally here! After photographing their wedding and maternity session, I was so excited to meet this amazing couple’s new addition! Jack is a dream baby – beautiful (obviously), sleepy, sweet, and oh so perfect. I don’t get to hang out with babies as much as I used to, so this session was […]

What do you do you when, in a rare event, you have your (almost) whole family in town!? You go to the Scottsdale Civic Center mall and take photos, of course! I had a blast hanging out with this family – such genuine smiles and true joy to be taking photos together. That, or they’re […]

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