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Kai & Lauren, Orchard Canyon, Sedona Wedding

June 25, 2019

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Kai and Lauren are married! And their Orchard Canyon, Sedona wedding was one for the record books. Orchard Canyon is actually a little north of Sedona, where the weather was an extra few degrees cooler that Sedona itself, making it feel absolutely incredible compared to sweltering Phoenix! The adorable cabins and grounds were filled with all of their closest family and friends, making their wedding days of fun!

Their ceremony was one of best I’ve ever witnessed. Incredible words of Kai and Lauren’s history and their love, affirmation, and advice. The backdrop of apple trees and the towering red rock cliffs made it that much more beautiful and memorable.

After a few quick photos, guests were treated to appetizers and cocktails, while friends and family caught up with the newlyweds. Dinner was then served at the gorgeously decorated farm tables (best and prettiest buffet dinner I’ve ever had by the way, thanks to Creative Hands Cuisine)! Toasts filled with love, laughter and a few tears led way into dancing, where everyone danced the night away under the bright stars of Sedona.

A wedding I was thrilled to witness through my lens!

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