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Carlos & Lesha, Married @ St. Francis Xavier {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

October 30, 2014

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First let me say that Carlos & Lesha’s wedding was beautiful. It was romantic. It was fun! But it started out a little stressful, to say the least. The reception was to be held at the Sheraton downtown Phoenix, until a few explosions started a fire there, and they had to abandon their tuxes, flowers, and reception space while evacuating. Now this is normally where I would FREAK OUT if I were the bride, but everyone remained calm and did what had to be done. The men ran to Men’s Warehouse and get new tuxes while the Sheraton helped find a new location for their reception: The Renaissance Hotel just a couple blocks away. The ceremony at St. Francis Xavier church only started 15 minutes late (which was quite impressive given the circumstances) and the rest of the day went as planned, just at a new venue. And while some elements may have been missing, I was amazed by Carlos’ and Lesha’s ability to not let the fire put a damper on their day. They were even on the news!! I’m sure that without knowing the story, you’d never be able to tell how crazy this day was for these two:


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